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Live Journal Speller Doesn't Work - Blogger.com speller works

Blog sites, some work better, others not so good - drives me crazy.  I'm patient, I dream of the perfect blog site.  I think it will remain a dream, the perfect blog site.  Live journal has a staff of 200 people.  It's hard to get teck help.  Will post over on  www.blogger.com and use the speller.  Uploading live cam video is the big goal this year.  Upload everywhere for free showing off all the work I did in last 10 years.  Why do I save porn content like a squirrel (bury your nuts in the ground for winter)?  It must come from the Mormon Church, your year's supply called food storage.  I put porn content away for a rainy day?  I save my nuts?  HA HA HA --- The blog site www.Blogger.com works now.  In November, it was in my face that the Internet had shifted with Google, Bing, ie9, Facebook, Linkedin, Yahoo, all connecting together like one big family.  I had to step-up, get-linked or get-lost in Cyber Space.  I'm thinking about hiring a traffic consultant for www.zoezane.com

IE and Goggle Chrome are the ones that are making it all happen on the Net 2012.

I'm setting up free video sites all over the Net.  Soon you will see me everywhere.  Free video is free advertising in 2012.  I'm behind like always.  This year followers will see my vintage porn videos.  Some of the video was directed by Kitty Foxx.  It would be great to have a man posting dirty porn movies for me.  Mature www.deauxmalive.com is so lucky her husband Larry does all the computer stuff while she works at being beautiful.  How would  it be to have that kind of life.  Oh well, I have what I have.  I have lots of friends that give me lots of things.  I gotta get the High Definition videos up and running.  Sexy Miss Lizz www.sexymisslizz.com is a very smart sexy mature MILF.  I see her do this and that and there it is.  Keep up the good work girlfriend.  Sexy Miss Lizz is High Definition now.

Last night in yoga class, I was a dripping wet pig.  I wasn't in the room to get the spot I wanted .  I ended up in the middle where the mirror joins and looked cracked.  Whatever.  As a dancer, I learned to make the dance movement look great without looking in the mirror
s.  I move by how it feels in the body.  If you get the technique down then you move the right way.  It does work. 

My Utah projects with Xhouse husband is mind-blowing, very interesting.  He's buying Mid-Century Modern furniture for my house.  It's shocking and jaw dropping.  My stripper daughter thinks he is trying to please Mommie.  He has to do something.  I think she is right about pleasing Mommie.  He's pleasing his X-Mommie, that's me.  Laughing.

I made an attempt to own the domain name zoeyzane.com (godaddy.com) but failed.  Some guy in Wisconsin owns the name for one year.  What is he all about?  hum?  You all know the girl who used the name zoey zane (zoe zane) was murdered.  It's funny what I did.  I called up the guy who owns zoeyzane.com and said ..........this is Zoe Zane.  Chucking right now.  I wonder what he thought of my call, the living dead Zoe Zane/Zoey Zane, was all about.  I haven't heard from him.  I hope my call shook him up.  I bet Zoey Zane/Emily Sander would think it's )))))))) funny (((((((( what I did to the guy who owns zoeyzane.com

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