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I lost my garbage cans today

So strange how I lost two waste paper cans cleaning house today (aired out the hot pink walk closet and hung up clothes).  WTF  My neighbors next-door are parking lot piggies.  Lately, I've had the luxury to pull out of the garage with no cars parked in the back.  I wonder if the guy next-door took my waste paper cans?  I saw him this morning, he had a funny look on his face.  His old fart Dad was after me.  I don't like him..  His Dad parks his cars in the back making it hard to go in and out.  Maybe his son took my waste paper cans?  Passive aggressive waste paper bandits, Dad and son crime team?  I will ask them directly when I see them again.  Oh well, who cares. less to take care off.  I almost forgot to pay my quarterly taxes.  LOL.  During yoga class 2 nights ago, it slammed me in my brain to sent the taxes.  BAM!  Zoe you owe the GOV!!!   I'm going through these internal changes that have taken me out of my box.  I'm on track now.  Whew. 

This year is the year for me to be close to my 7 kids.  It has been a strain with some of them since the divorce.  We are mending.  My kids need their Mom and I need my kids.  We're connecting, I'm very happy.  Practicing Bikram yoga must be working because the kids and I are getting along.  That's what happens when your spine gets happy. Big smiles, have fun this weekend.  It feels like Friday today.....lol.

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