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This is not me

I am flattered and spiced up inside myself about someone who is using my name on the Net. It took me 20 years to get the courage to even use the name Zoe. It is a very powerful name and with it comes with responsibility. It means life. My original name still is very significant but I am Zoe now. When I was on a porn shoot with Kitty Foxx we talked about what my name would be. Alan, her hubby suggested for my last name to be Zane. I did not look it up on the Net to see if it was taken. LOL. So that is how Zoe Zane was created and the industry joke is that the Zane brothers are my cousins.

Here is the link http://www.sexztalk.com/

She hides her face a lot in the pics so she must not family and friends know what she is doing. That is how it goes when it comes to sex. If you like sex a lot you are a slut for it, so we lie and hide. IT SUCKS. It is the shame we ALL collectively got in America for our sex. Kitty Foxx told me all the time that sex is over rated and sex is just sex.

I will sit on this and watch what happens with this radio show. I suspect they heard the name and used it. I had the name when I made my first official Internet porn movie for "Aged to Perfection" porn series. That was is 1998. Lawyers are dirty bags for the money so I will wait and see what happens. If the show get big then I will act on it.

I will say this that I am very impressed she has great boobs and a nice looking boyfriend that I suspect does all the promoting. He looks like a promoter. So use the name now my friend.

That would be interesting for her and I to be on the show together.
I have been on my sex quest for over 20 years now and someone comes along and in a few month ride the glory.

Kity Foxx told me that some women in FLorida had an adult site and impersonated her. It upset her. I can see why.

Now I can see why celebrities go bonkers.

I can look at it like this. It's more of my name out there on the Net. They do a sex radio show, I'm on to it and my name is a great name. The numerology for Zoe Zane is "THAT I AM ALWAYS ON" LOL. Get the picture. Cyber my hubby is very grounded and cool. I do Bikram yoga to chill out, meditate and get in shape.

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