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Some one gave me back my waste paper cans

I drove into the parking lot last night, my 2 waste paper cans were returned.  Strange indeed.

Over the weekend, I will go to my yoga classes. It will be very hot in San Jose, Ca. lover 90 degrees for Father's Day weekend.  OFM!  Ranting and staying cool.

I found a new affiliate program that makes you money.  Hard to believe.  Some of my family members and I are making money $$$$$.  We get paid to advertise for web sites.  woo hoooo!

I'm the girl who will rise like a lotus blossom from the mud.  No one will see me coming when I flower to full bloom.  Many will see the full bloom and wonder how did she do it --- ??? --- hum. 

The XMormon husband, my Utah house slave (he does not know he's a slave to me) told my stripper daughter that she and I are "tuff cookies".  That's the first positive thing he has ever said to me.  LOL.  People will slam you when the chips are down but will praise you after you turned shit to gold.  My stripper duaghter has been a punk bitch with construction workers, make it right boys ----with the Utah house we own together. 

Be safe everyone, smile when shit hits the fan.
My favorite CableTV series is "Suits".  High power wall street lawyers, oh yeah.

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