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Diva jumps Buttercup like a Cat

Diva's attention, her sexual aggressions heightens her male sub Buttercup.  His irresistible impulse to surrender and cower to her requirements consume his mind, body and spirit.  He can't escape the control she has over him.  Her old fashion  standards of conduct makes Buttercup submissive to her authority.  That said, Diva will tell her lady friends how Buttercup misbehaved, laughing out loud.  He didn't suit her wishes, he provoked her way too much.  A basically good male like Buttercup needs his Diva to be his Fetish Mommie, his Mother.  Even though he's a grown man, Diva takes his pants down.  She blisters his bare bottom like the color of a red apple.  Diva might not punish Buttercup when he thinks he wants it.  She will wait when she's good and ready pouncing like a cat.  Buttercup will be taken by surprise and made to cry like a baby.  She will remind Buttercup that maybe even more than once in a while, Buttercup needs a hard switching from fresh cut tree branches.  Isn't that right Buttercup!

Crazy, laughing out loud ....  #...$...%....(((((( ha ha ha)))))) more laughing crazy LOUD.

fetish diva diva zoe zane photo

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