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Card to his Diva from slave Buttercup

zoe zane photo card to diva

On my best day I would pout and sulk disrespectfully at Diva.  Often in front of her lady friends on purpose to make her mad at me.  I would not perform the tasks I was asked by Diva to perform.  I knew Diva expected me to complete them.  I would dodge doing my tasks drifting off into my day dream la la land.  Do it quickly, always always always, she told me.  But I was disobedient and defied her instructions.  I was to perform cheerfully, quick and ever ever ever so thoroughly to the needs of Diva and her lady friends.  I was slow to get her angry and give me the switching I loved and hated so much.  I'm still like this today and can not stop my addiction to my Diva.  I will be owned by Diva forever and ever in this cat and mouse game.  Confession of Buttercup to his Diva while she is gone to Utah.
Tags: fetish diva diamond zoe zane
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