zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

Packed and ready to go

Last year I had so much in my suit case, at the airport, I had to take some stuff out, SO, I will bring 2 suit case.
Fixed that problem! Sexy Miss Lizz is very tidy and organized. Me, I just throw it in the suit case and go. I am going to create some new clothing from old stuff. Cut, snip, tear and wa-LAW. I am damn good at making something from nothing. It comes from the days when I was married to my x, the Mormon bishop, and he excepted me to take $10 make it into $100, which I did. I totally sucked to live that kind of life while we all made sure he was taken care of. Holy dicks are selfish Moth-Fuc-erS. Why does Utah have pshyso wards all along the Wasatch front, because the women are surpressed and the men are swimming in their heaven glory for what???
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