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4Th of July with Zoe Zane

Last night went to bikram yoga class with duct taped feet.  My fractured toe in slowing healing but now my other foot is taking the pressure.  The duct tape was off the wall helpful, TOTAL support in the classroom. I feel like a ballet dancer on tour.  I have to not care what anyone thinks.

On YOUTUBE today with Madonna watchiing her videos, her un-photo shopped face, her abortions and wrinkles.  If it's true she had 11 abortions, OMG.  What one person has gone through to be a mega star.  I take my hat off to Madonna.  She is a champ for all women.  We all age, how we do it it up to us and our attitude.  I'm with you Madonna --- I have not had plastic surgery as of 2012.  Madonna, I still love you.  What a force I want to reckon with.

I'm into duct tape these days.  I duct taped up on my wall many rules for stocks IBD (http://www.investors.com) .  I've thought about doing this for too long.  I will read the posted pages and sink all the information into my Financial Income Machine brain cells.  Your guessing I'm working on my nest egg for the last part of my life.  I am.
Spelling corrected for duct tape.  I saw it in my mind but my fingers typed duck.  Thanks quack for telling me. 

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