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Today I am not afraid to go it alone

peanut 4 president photo

Peanut Jr, my cat, makes everything right just being himself on my palm tree.

My business coach would tell me that alone just meant "al-one".  I have all of you out there who are my friends.  I'm going in deep for truth or is that ---- no truth?  However it goes it will be very interesting taking you down my rabbit hole.  Last few days, I watched re-runs of the THE MATRIX.  I see the matrix of my mind. Zoe beware of your own demons.  I see the matrix of many minds and disbelief.  I'm must be a strong, brave girl.  I think I've been more brave that what I give credit to myself.  I think some people have thought I was stupid, off balance, not all there.  It takes ballz to not care what they think.  I have struggled all my life for approval.  I must approve of myself.  I approve of you Zoe Zane.  In Bikram yoga class, I stand their looking in the mirror accepting my own skinsuit.  I'm okay.  In time it will be a piece of cake.  I know how this works from past things I overcame in my mind.  

This morning in live cam some viewers played games telling me I was boring or my rate was too expensive.  Oh yes, it's off the wall expensive.  Laughing, like $19.95 per minute as the money domme.  The show is "free 4 u bitch" --- whatever.  I asked the guy if he was a macho mother-flicker?  He finally said yes.  I know what to do with him.  la la la - ha ha ha - strike a match!

There is a nice breeze from the window right now.  So lovely for my face.  Big smiles. 
I like these words, no more drama, only fun.
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