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All is well on Monday in my world

I haven't been to the studio to see if my computer is up. I'm sure it's okay, I do daily virus/malware scans. It's nice to be boring in San Jose, Monday morning 8:26 AM PST. I hope your are boring too. HA HA HA 

The affiliate business I found doesn't allow advertising from adult site. It's a family run business. I had to take all banners off my blog and sites (terms of service TOS). This on-line business is a great opportunity to get your scrilla ($$$) - laughing. If you want to make some money with a on-line business you must send me a private request to my email.  All I can say we are making money.

The threat of malware on Monday was nerve racking. Last night a close girlfriend called me from Ohio, she was by her computer till midnight. She's okay. I felt like the FBI/gov was terrorising all of us using malware. Why not just contain the malware and been done? If the FBI contained the malware just get ride of it with their gov paid virus software that we pay for.
Maybe my mind is too simple, that I don't understand how DNS Change Malware works.  Oh well.  I'm safe.  There is something weird here. I hope your computer is okay. I talked with my stripper daughter about Malware Monday. She said if you are down call your Internet provider. But IF you are down you can't read this message. LOL. 

Studio computer is doing great.  No DNS Change Malware.  I am very happy this morning.  I can relax now.

News on Malware http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-501465_162-57468504-501465/malware-threat-curbed-with-help-of-internet-service-providers-report-says/

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