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Sunday: All day long with another slave as Housewife Miss Enema

I do the strangest things with fetish freaks in my life.  I finally got home and wanted Bttercup to know I did not forget him.
I took a fresh photo of my sexy red painted toes and a card from Buttercup.

Here are Buttercup's thoughts for his Diva (Fetish Diva Diamond):  Diva loves colonial punishments where she would rejoice and laugh heartily, like the ducking stool, the pillory, the Shrews' fiddle. Diva would set up embarrassing situations in front of her lady friends using David's balls. Boys pants were quickly pulled down exposing body parts for all to see.  HA HA HA  ---- now prance LLB/David --- put your nose in the corner!  Step up those feet and dance as we try to see your tiny nuts, oh, there they are.  Diva especially enjoyed the scene in Robin Hood when everyone laughs at the Sheriff, who gets back to Nottingham, naked tied backwards on his horse.  LAUGHING SO LOUD RIGHT NOW!  Her lady friends pointed their fingers at embarrassed David, his little tiny, nut jewels. Diva and her lady friends cackled uncontrollably to tears.  The ladies mocked David in front of other boys with bigger nuts.  David was the laughing post of his neighborhood.

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