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Sex Teacher's Tongue Story - Student 169

Hello student 169,
     WET licks from Miss Zoe Zane whose school teacher's tongue is wicked on her student's stick. My wild, long juicy tongue slops itself all over you.  slurp slurp slurp .....  Last week I was the tantric tongue goddess and recalled what your tongue did to me.  Oh baby.  I have a new school teacher girlfriend you will love. 
      She and I have been using our tongues on other naughty students near your neighborhood.  It's our secret, now you know how wild we are together in the Spring.  You know what the birds and the bees do to all of us.  woo Hooooo --- we are hotter than HOT in the Summer. 
     We captured one of my bad students and had our way with him.  The student was shocked and excited at the same time as we tied him gentle to his bed.  We took off our silk stockings and used them on each hand.  He had a big tent in his shorts for us.  yum yum yum   --- We've been putting bad boys in their place just like we did with you.
     My new school teacher, girlfriend Miss LP has used her tongue on other naughty students while I sat on their mouths.  I know how much you like to make your school teacher cum with your tongue.  I thought of your hungry tongue this morning.  I'm touching myself right now thinking of your tongue and what it will do it me ........ o ooh oo ..... my my my  ooo o o  o  --- I just got off thinking about your tongue with me. 
     My hot school teacher girlfriends love to wear nylons and garters with high heels in our sexy suits with you.  We'll wear erotic makeup, red lipstick with dark eyes.   We are intoxicating sex teachers. You are my best student who knows how to use his tongue on us.  We love you so much.  Lic Lic Lic and more lickings from us.
Big Licks to my Dearest Tongue Loving Student 169
Your Miss Zoe Zane awaits your reply in anticipation.
(((HUGS Licks KISSES))) Zoe Zane
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