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Read about Zoe Zane Deauxma (hard to spell name)

Zoe Zane "Live Cam Porn Star" will be writing about her encounters with different mainstream porn star.  Some of my loyal adult star friends are not porn stars.  They are Cyber Stars like Carol Cox, x-rated wife, Sexy Miss Lizz, Ashley Dobbs, Busty Delight, Champagne and Moon Aynjl http://www.southern-charms4.com/moonaynjl/photos.htm  (Southern Charms, she got to HowardSternTV New York, NY and back home, I owe Moon so much).  I find out how secure these stars are when I meet them. 

Confident, Nina Hartley is very friendly, a great female porn star.  Very smart woman and has earned her stardom spot in the adult industry.    One of the most incredible female porn stars is Seka.
She is a true star with over a thousand porn movies.  She and I are becoming better friends over the Internet from our face book pages. I love Seka.


Zoe Zane Deauxma

My encounters with Deauxma have been pleasant. The first meeting was a
Las Vegas house (content porn shoot) with over 40 MILF Amy Charms.
After Mature Porn Star Kitty Foxx passed away, I ran into many Southern Charm's models.
Amy Charms was very aggressive, seeking fame to be a big MILF porn star.
She and I did one photo shoot together. I meet her at Stevi Secret's Arizona Strip Club.
Amy Charms thought I was a nobody in the porn industry.
Amy Charms hooked up with Kitty Foxx in Las Vegas.
Kitty Foxx was always looking out for people who were on the move to take away her stardom.

Amy Charms was one of them. She made a few movies, now out of the business.

continued . . .

I drove over to the porn shoot to take photos/video with Amy Charms. At the Las Vegas content shoot,
Amy Charms blew me off/ignored me. She dumped me for Deauxma.
I bumped into Deauxma and hubby at the Vegas house.
Deauxma was checking me out. Who is this woman . . . Zoe Zane? I felt her eyes on me.

That was my first meeting with Deauxma.
A year later, I was in Florida, a huge Southern Charm's Photo/Video Bash
where Deauxma flashed her big tits to get my attention.
I was in the middle of wet wild water and chocolate photo shoot.
When the photographer mailed me my photos,
I found the picture of flashing Deauxma.
Sorry Deauxma, I missed your huge, giant boobs.

AVN PORN CONVENTION (Zoe Zane Photo) top of page

Deauxma's hubby would not stop raving how great we looked in our 1960's Blonde Afros.
He was "off the wall" impressed with out big sunglasses and sparkles.
He told us, "Both of you will never out do yourselves every again".
He doesn't know how creative Sexy Miss Lizz and Zoe Zane are together.


He loved our outrageous costumes at the AVN Porn Convention.

Deauxma kissed me and told Sexy Miss Lizz she looked . . . FANTASTIC
Deauxma has been in 100 porn movies, July 2012.


Awarded By Ron Jeremy - Best Costume @ AVN Porn Convention - Sexy Miss Lizz and Zoe Zane


Mature MILF Live Cam Porn Star Zoe Zane

Why Zoe Zane went live web cam instead of mainstream porn movies?

I choose not to be a big porn star in mainstream LA porn movies.
My last LA porn movie, I was hammered by a ex-con.
I've never hear how hot that video was from fans.

Shows you how bad energy is captured on film.


Zoe Zane Porn Star Live Cam Blog

Insane Productions - Zoey Zane Photo Videos Filmography

It's better to write, direct, produce your own live cam porn movies.
As of May 2012, I've made over 300 live cam porn movies.

10 mainstream porn movies?

Picture from left to right: Zoe Zane - Deauxma - Sexy Miss Lizz (she's my best friend in adult business)

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