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No hesitation

I've passed up many great opportunities in my life from hesitating.  Comes from not being sure about ones own feelings ---- your gut feelings.  DO NOT THINK --- to many of us out THERE are thinking right now, instead of acting on our gut feelings.  JUST DO IT!  That's what I did yesterday.  I set in motion a big project I'm involved in.  I did it.  No hesitation in my life.  I'm the authority in my world.  Be the boss for your bossy self.  HA HA HA  Be the queen for your Queenly self.
Be the shizzle.  Be a FIM (financial income machine).  I played the game to be poor in my Mormon Church life.  It sucks. 

zoe zane photo

Bad school teacher rubs her intoxicating "Russian Standard" little water vodka drink on her naked Danish skin next to garters photos from FREE 4 U Bitch live cam show. 

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