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Live cam viewers comments iFriends.com - upskirt teacher Zoe Zane

PATIYAZO [12:53]: teacher undress before u go plz
GUEST104 [12:53]: nice
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:52]: it was fun
GUEST104 [12:52]: hello :D
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:52]: ok love;
GUEST104 [12:52]: eh
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:52]: oh soooo fun
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:52]: haha
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:51]: yes, and thank you
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:51]: whore teacher is smart
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:50]: baby, teach me anytime
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:50]: sexxxy suckin on a cigar
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:50]: nice
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:49]: you dirty little whore
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:49]: yes
GUEST8 [12:49]: cum on irish cock u slut yummy
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:49]: I do I do
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:48]: I love your show whore teacher....Zoe
GUEST8 [12:48]: elastic band around my cocknballs
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:47]: my whore teacher
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:47]: I have to Zoe
GUEST8 [12:47]: im wanking wit elastic band around my balls yumyumyum
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:47]: beautiful and sweet
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:47]: mmmmmmmm
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:47]: lol;
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:46]: i'm 35 years
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:46]: lol
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:46]: give me my hand, I could do it
GUEST8 [12:46]: hey cunto zoe wer u from im a dunce in back of class wanking at
u yumyumyumyumyum
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:45]: whatever you say mistress whore teacher
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:45]: I need to make up for my F
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:44]: nice nipples teacher
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:44]: mmmmmmmm
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:44]: hahaha sweet
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:44]: whore teacher, you soo nice
GUEST122 [12:44]: <Private> put him on detention, teacher zoe
GUEST8 [12:43]: wer u from cunto im dublin ireland xxxxx
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:43]: noooo; I need to be taught properly
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:43]: what do I need to do
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:43]: ok whore teacher
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:42]: haha
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:42]: haa
GUEST8 [12:42]: irish steve is yur piss slut xxx
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:42]: you like to lick mens ass holes?
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:41]: hehe
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:41]: is smaller than mine
GUEST8 [12:41]: please piss on me mistress zoe xxxx
PATIYAZO [12:41]: im want to be called this is my cunt bitch
GUEST8 [12:41]: can i suck yur cock mistress zoe
$ -- GUEST227 [12:40]: yea
$ -- GUEST227 [12:40]: lol
$ -- GUEST227 [12:40]: sissy boy, to teach
$ -- GUEST227 [12:40]: I'm your bitch
GUEST140 [12:40]: i never seen woman nude would u be my fristttttt
PATIYAZO [12:40]: i like being your bitch teacher
$ -- GUEST227 [12:39]: yes, whatever you want whore teacher
GUEST140 [12:39]: get nudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
PATIYAZO [12:39]: yes im your bitch
GUEST140 [12:39]: thankss
GUEST140 [12:39]: assssssssssssssssss
$ -- GUEST227 [12:38]: this show is whatver you want it to be
GUEST140 [12:38]: asds
GUEST140 [12:38]: asss
GUEST140 [12:38]: asss
GUEST140 [12:38]: as
GUEST140 [12:38]: asssssssssssssssss
GUEST140 [12:38]: asssssssssssssssssssssssss
PATIYAZO [12:38]: im your bitch begging u
GUEST140 [12:38]: assssssssssssssssss
GUEST8 [12:38]: yes mistress slut irish bitch wants nipples oput my cum is
creamier 4 u xxxx
PATIYAZO [12:38]: i beg u for your mercy and give me nipples
GUEST140 [12:38]: show
$ -- GUEST227 [12:38]: haha yea, I like your tittties
PATIYAZO [12:38]: i beg u
PATIYAZO [12:38]: im on my knees teacher master
GUEST140 [12:38]: showwwwwwwwwwwwwww asssssssssssssssss
$ -- GUEST227 [12:38]: blow that smoke all over my cock
GUEST140 [12:38]: plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
GUEST140 [12:37]: assssssssssssssssssssss
GUEST140 [12:37]: asssssssssssssssssss
GUEST140 [12:37]: asssssssssssssssssssssssssss
GUEST140 [12:37]: asssssssssssssssssssssssssss
$ -- GUEST227 [12:37]: mmmmmmm
GUEST8 [12:37]: yummmy nipples out 4 real xxxxxx
GUEST140 [12:37]: nude plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
$ -- GUEST227 [12:37]: haha nice and sweet
$ -- GUEST227 [12:37]: luv to share that smoke, teacher
GUEST140 [12:37]: get nude
GUEST140 [12:37]: nudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
GUEST8 [12:36]: get clothes off horny mommmma my irish cock is waving at u
GUEST140 [12:36]: get nuide
PATIYAZO [12:36]: teacher please take off that dresss
BUSITNOW(VCW) [12:36]: look way younger than your stated
GUEST140 [12:36]: gety nudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
GUEST140 [12:36]: dressss
$ -- GUEST227 [12:36]: oh yes, real dark and nasty
BUSITNOW(VCW) [12:36]: are you really an older woman
BUSITNOW(VCW) [12:36]: really
GUEST140 [12:36]: dreess offffffffff
$ -- GUEST227 [12:35]: share one with you
GUEST140 [12:35]: never seen lady nude u show meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
BUSITNOW(VCW) [12:35]: hey sexy
$ -- GUEST227 [12:35]: mmm
$ -- GUEST227 [12:35]: are we gonna have a smoke now?
GUEST140 [12:35]: never seen a girl nude u show me
$ -- GUEST227 [12:35]: sit all over my face
$ -- GUEST227 [12:34]: teach me some new things
GUEST140 [12:34]: would u show your your body nude sexy
$ -- GUEST227 [12:34]: yes, teacher
$ -- GUEST227 [12:34]: oh yes
$ -- GUEST227 [12:34]: that would be fun
GUEST140 [12:33]: assssssss
PATIYAZO [12:33]: TEACHER plz do something for the ass lovers too
$ -- GUEST227 [12:33]: yes whore teacher
$ -- GUEST227 [12:33]: mmmmmm
$ -- GUEST227 [12:33]: sweet
$ -- GUEST227 [12:33]: nice
GUEST140 [12:33]: sassssssssssssssssssssss
$ -- GUEST227 [12:33]: go for it
$ -- GUEST227 [12:33]: yes, whore teacher
$ -- GUEST227 [12:33]: mmmmmmmm
GUEST140 [12:32]: show me ass babe never seen oneeeee
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:32]: whore teacher is teaching me some good things
GUEST140 [12:31]: assssssssssssssssss no dressssss
PATIYAZO [12:31]: take them offf lover
GUEST140 [12:31]: babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
GUEST140 [12:31]: asssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:31]: shove that whole head up your pussy
LEGLOVER604(VCW) [12:31]: hi bb wear some nice heels
GUEST8 [12:31]: panties off 4 irish wanker u slut yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy
GUEST140 [12:31]: do u guys want to see her nude like meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
GUEST140 [12:30]: yea
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:30]: get dripping wet you nasty whore teacher
GUEST140 [12:30]: sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
PICNICK30 [12:30]: <Private> you should use it on your tits too so they get nice
and hard
GUEST140 [12:29]: teach me mor
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:29]: yes, it does
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:29]: mmmmmmm
GUEST140 [12:29]: u do anal
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:29]: dirty dirty teacher
PICNICK30 [12:29]: <Private> so we can watch you writh around ;)
GUEST140 [12:29]: sexyyy
PICNICK30 [12:29]: <Private> slide it up under your dress and sit on top of it
on the floor ..
GUEST140 [12:29]: love it up pusy
GUEST140 [12:28]: niceeee
GUEST140 [12:28]: hi sexyy
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:28]: oh yes whore teacher
PICNICK30 [12:28]: <Private> only if i can cum on you when im ready
PATIYAZO [12:28]: let me wank off to your asshole teacher
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:27]: will teacher wank me off
GUEST8 [12:27]: tits out 4 irish wanking steve
PICNICK30 [12:27]: <Private> nice
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:27]: hahah sweet
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:26]: tickle, kisss, and suck your feet
PICNICK30 [12:26]: <Private> can I see your face too please?
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:26]: I will slide them off and slide my tongue up your legs
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:26]: sweet
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:26]: oh yes
GUEST8 [12:25]: my 6.5 inches is rock 4 u yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy
PICNICK30 [12:25]: <Private> well hello there
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:24]: yes
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:24]: mmmmmmmmmmm
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:24]: I want to play with it
GUEST8 [12:24]: piss in my irish mouth xxxx
PATIYAZO [12:24]: show the asshole too lover
GUEST55 [12:24]: wwwwwwow
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:24]: so lovely
GUEST8 [12:24]: oh im wanking at u mistress fluffy
PATIYAZO [12:24]: lovely cunt
PATIYAZO [12:24]: show your asshole too plz
GUEST198 [12:23]: hi bb
GUEST8 [12:23]: yes yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy lets c yur flufffy cunt
PATIYAZO [12:23]: show us without undies plz
GUEST8 [12:22]: yes i am wanking at yu yumyumyum
GUEST8 [12:22]: hello yu horny lady im steve from ireland yumyumyumyum xxx
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:21]: touch it
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:21]: tease
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:21]: oh oh
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:21]: yes, you are
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:21]: hahaha
PATIYAZO [12:21]: <Private> love to anal u lover
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:21]: rub it good nasty whore
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:20]: mmmmm
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:20]: you naughty whore teacher
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:20]: yes
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:20]: mmmmmmmm
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:19]: so you are naughty teacher today?
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:19]: those titties are hot and big
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:19]: suck it like a cock?
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:18]: oh yes
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:18]: mmmmmmmmm
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:18]: thats nice
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:18]: I want to lick
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:18]: nice feet baby
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:18]: nice tounge
LUVHRTITS(VCW) [12:17]: hey baby
KISSZOEZANE [12:17]: san jose
NISSAN350Z33 [12:16]: <Private> where are you from?
NISSAN350Z33 [12:16]: <Private> nice outfit!
NISSAN350Z33 [12:16]: <Private> im Matt 39 from US - you?
NISSAN350Z33 [12:15]: <Private> hey baby
GUEST123 [12:15]: mmmmmm anytime hunny
GUEST123 [12:14]: great to be in ur room again Zoe
GUEST245 [12:14]: mmmm mistsress
GUEST245 [12:13]: mmmmm
GUEST245 [12:13]: <Private> mmmm imagining my toungue is all over you
GUEST245 [12:12]: <Private> My screen name here is strokemypipe....you can find
me in free chat
GUEST245 [12:11]: <Private> My real name is Patrick
GUEST123 [12:11]: Hi luv long time no see...
GUEST245 [12:11]: <Private> mmmmm hi ntmu
GUEST245 [12:10]: <Private> lovely
GUEST245 [12:09]: <Private> mmmmm
GUEST245 [12:09]: <Private> ill do whatever you say n how you want it
PICNICK30 [12:09]: <Private> how are you
PICNICK30 [12:09]: <Private> hey there
SHOOTSPEED(VCW) [12:09]: Hi Mistress
GUEST151 [12:09]: <Private> still do you have pussy hair ?
GUEST245 [12:08]: <Private> would you possibly be interested in watching me play
for you baby?? im a chathost here to
Note:SHOOTSPEED is a Video Chat Wallet (VCW) user. This means guaranteed payouts
and longer average session times. For more information on VCW, click here.
GUEST245 [12:07]: <Private> how are you doing??
GUEST245 [12:07]: <Private> mmmm loooks hot
GUEST245 [12:06]: yes
GUEST151 [12:06]: <Private> how are u ?
GUEST245 [12:06]: <Private> mmmm and our breasts
GUEST151 [12:06]: <Private> hello, i've seen u long time ago
GUEST245 [12:06]: <Private> Hello beautiful how are you I love your Feet
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