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Foot Fetish Worship - Took Zoe Zane Photo @ Home

The zoe zane photo/photos will be on Southern Charms on Friday.  Here is a weird zoe zane photo that looks fucked up.  What you really see are many orbs around me captured by the digital camera this afternoon.  Looks like some love angel was pinking out on the mirror.  Happy Wedneday from my light friends on the mirror, my sexy feet at home.  Today I read this email how my Southern Charms photos are off center and need to be more clear.  Little does his guy know what I go through to get photos day in and day out.   Yes, my main photo man died, left me 4 years ago.  I must wing it with men who are horny for me and it fucks up the quality of the photos.  LOL.  There, I said the truth, what happens in the background of my porn life.  Soon I will trade cameras with my stripper daughter.  I need her help alotta.

Zoe Zane
zoe zane photo
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